Have a Jeep you're proud of? Show it off at the Huckleberry Jeep Festival and 5K Fun Run in Wallace, Idaho! The carshow begins 10am on Saturday, August 17th in Wallace Idaho during Huckleberry festival. For more details please read the general rules below. Cost is $10 which includes entry, unique 2nd Annual JeepFest entrant t-shirt and hat.

Prizes for all 5 categories:

1st Prize in all categories gets a trophy and $500

2nd Prize in all categories gets $250

3rd Prize in all categories gets $100

We will have an onsite vote the day of for BEST OF SHOW and winner receives $1,000!

Classic Jeep - A Timeless Tale

The Jeep name holds a legacy of adventurous 4x4s and a following of loyal "Go Anywhere. Do Anything" Jeepers. Help us honor the 75+ Jeep heritage and show us your piece of history when you enter your 1987 or older Jeep into our classic Category.  All Jeep Models are welcome in this category, we LOVE Jeep and want to see them all. Keep in mind that the better condition and most original parts still on your Jeep the better scoring you will receive.

Best Trail Rated

In honor of Benjamin Milward, we have created the BEST TRAIL RATED JEEP category. Ben was an off-road enthusiast that was a great friend to the Dave Smith Jeep VIP Club, as well as one of our judges in 2018. If you think your Jeep has what it takes to prove it GOES BEYOND THE BADGE and has the confidence to take on most any challenge off road please sign up today! We welcome all the Off-Road enthusiast to share their JEEP with us and compete to see which one is a judge favorite as well as a crowd favorite! So if your Jeep is equipped to push right past the limits and take on ANY TRAIL –come show us what you got! We look forward to having you in the 2019 JeepFEST competition for Best Trailer Rated Jeep!

Best Beater

Back by popular demand, the Beater Jeep category is back at the 2019 Huckleberry Jeep Festival. Whether it's more rust than Jeep or has more dents than you can count, we want you and YOUR JEEP!Participating Jeeps don't have to be drivable and can be trailered in. The more dings, dents, wear, tear and parts falling off, the better!

Adventurous & Accessorized

Do you have the Inspector Gadget of Jeeps? The Huckleberry Jeep Festival wants to see your accessorized Jeeps! The more accessories the better, necessary or unnecessary, so break out your flood lights, snorkels, hood scoops, winches, or whatever accessory strikes your fancy, and put your Jeep to the test at the 2019 Huckleberry Jeep Festival!


Do you have a BERRY cool Jeep?

Celebrate Huckleberry Jeep Festival by decking-out your Jeep with all things huckleberry, in our newest Jeep Show category! Turn your Jeep into a huckleberry-inspired, huckleberry-mobile with all things purple and fun! We encourage all participants to be creative, think out of the box, and explore your unique way to celebrate Wallace's favorite little berry!

Enter this sweet category now and become the first official, Most Huckleberry Decorated Jeep Winner!


  • All Jeep models and year are allowed to enter
  • Your decorations must include the use of purple
  • If you want, you can decorate you Jeep on-site after checking in however your Jeep must be finished by 10:00 am the day of the show.
  • Please be responsible for discarding your decorations as needed after the event


Deadline to enter into 2019 JeepFest contest is August 10th